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Volunteers are vital

Why become a volunteer?
Without volunteers New Zealand society would not function as well as it does and many community groups would not be able to exist.  You may not be able to afford to make donations to voluntary organisations but your time and effort is equally as valuable.
If you are retired, giving your time as a volunteer can give you a new lease of life and a sense of achievement by doing something worthwhile in your local community.  It may give you the opportunity to take the skills and experience you have built up in your working or younger life and put them to good use.

View Age Concern New Zealands new factsheet "Volunteering for Wellbeing"

The benefits of volunteering
There are advantages for the volunteer, the organisation they are involved with and for the people receiving assistance.  Helping others can give you a renewed sense of well-being and usefulness. 

  • It’s a great way to make new friends and contacts
  • It keeps you mentally and physically active
  • It can be a way of exploring an area of interest or a hobby

Volunteer for Age Concern

When you're looking for volunteer opportunities, becoming an Age Concern volunteer is an excellent choice, for you and for older people.
Volunteers ensure that important Age Concern services are available to older people in their communities. We have opportunities where you can put your time, skills and experience to good use. These include Age Concern’s Accredited Visiting Service, local initiatives or becoming involved in the Health Promotion Programme as a volunteer facilitator.
You can decide whether you'd like to work directly with people being served or behind the scenes helping to establish, plan, and support your local Age Concern Council.

  • Health Promotion Programme
    Local Age Concerns need volunteer peer educators to train as facilitators for the delivery of some of their Health Promotion Programmes.
    Who would make a good educator? People, who have good communication skills, enjoy working with older people in the community and wish to learn skills for facilitation and leadership of groups.
    Benefits: You are guaranteed to have some fun, learn new skills, and improve your own knowledge at the same time.
    For further information about facilitators courses contact: your local Age Concern.
  • Accredited Visiting Service
    You could be a volunteer visitor.  Your visits would make a real difference in an older person’s life. 
     Are you: 
    • Warm, friendly and do you enjoy a chat?
    • Keen to spend time with an older person?
    • Able to give about one hour per week on a regular basis?
    • Respectful of confidentiality and of other cultures and ways of doing things?
    • Ready to be part of a team and experience ongoing support and training?
    If this is you, you could be an Age Concern Accredited Visitor.
    Contact your local Age Concern.
  • Governance
    You may also be interested in volunteering for involvement at Age Concern governance level.
    People who apply for and are voted into key volunteer leadership positions are helping to guide, shape, and advance their local Age Concern's services to older people in your locality.
    Age Concern offers opportunities where you can apply a variety of leadership and support skills, at the local Council level and ultimately on the Age Concern New Zealand Board.
    Together, Age Concern volunteers and staff are working to serve the needs of older people. You can too!

 For more information on volunteering visit the Volunteer NZ website.


The 2016 State of Volunteering Report

Last year 1,260 people completed the second annual State of Volunteering in New Zealand survey.

Key findings:

  • A majority of respondents experience challenges in conflict management involving volunteers but most have procedures in place to deal with complaints and/or disputes effectively
  • A majority of respondents believe they allocate adequate resources to volunteers to ensure effective volunteer involvement
  • Regulation and administrative requirements are a barrier to volunteering
  • Financial pressures, longer work hours and busy lifestyles have had a large impact on volunteering

InvolveMe: A new tool for best-practice volunteer involvement
InvolveMe is designed to help you get the best out of your organisation's volunteer programme by identifying any gaps and generating ideas, ideal to use when reviewing or refreshing your organisation's volunteer involvement.
The InvolveMe tool features an easy to use survey and produces a customised report for you to assess your organisation’s strengths and opportunities by providing an almost 360 degree picture of the organisation’s effectiveness across four domains:

  1. strategy
  2. organisation culture
  3. communication
  4. tools, processes, and resources supporting volunteering

Volunteer New Zealand Research Page
VNZ have a growing library of research on all aspects of volunteering.




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